Here be dragons [intro post]

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Welcome to my first blog post.
Five years ago I had an idea  - to start blogging, but the problem, or better yet a doubt followed almost immediately...

I've been full of criticism in my entire life, not only for other people's work but especially for my own. At the time I had the blogging idea, I've already had around 15 years of experience reading other people's blogs.

Because of that vast time spent reading, I knew how do "epic" blog posts look and feel like, or how useful are the ones from top-notch experts in our development world, such as Martin Fowler, for example. I've basically intimidated myself into thinking that I can't produce that kind of content, and I knew that I definitely can't produce that kind of content each week... a number that "blogging experts/advisors" advise is needed to build up an audience and keep up with "expectations". So, I've been careful and postponed the idea for some time.

Somewhere in October 2018, a cool friend and a colleague of mine, Mario Mucalo, came to me with the idea that we should start blogging at the same time, produce one post every two weeks - and troll each other when someone fails to deliver... Well, I've received my fair share of trolling so far, but I've decided to start blogging before the end of January 2019, so here's my initial blog post... (Let's give it an index of 0, and not count it as a proper blog post, those will follow shortly).

The reason why I'm even writing this particular blog post is that perhaps someone with the same issues that I've had will read it, and hopefully skip postponing hers/his for 5 years.

What actually triggered me to start blogging were some people from the audience at conferences where I had presented some talks, because they've asked me why didn't I blog about topics of my talks.

I've thought about it a lot and concluded that it can't hurt to start writing about my opinions on some software development subjects, about solutions to problems I've had, and even perhaps short but opinionated resumes of some shiny new thing that just got released. Don't get me wrong, but I really don't see the point of writing a blog post which just says "XYZ just got released" and includes a link to the original blog post, or even worse - c/p of the text. We have Twitter for that :) So if I'm going to blog about that kind of news, and provide added value to them.

To conclude this post - what you can expect, or at least what I'm planning on deliver are "tales from cloud trenches". The goal is to sit down each weekend, reflect on what gave me problems and how I solved it, or about something that surprised me in a good way, etc. and just blog about it.

The basic idea is to have short, and hopefully useful tips 'n' tricks blog posts, rather than waiting for an inspiration of an epic one... also, I'll do my best to break complex subjects into smaller pieces that are reusable in a wide array of situations, rather than writing a single post on solving a specific problem with 4-5-6 technologies, and then letting the reader figure out how to extract a part of it and reuse it elsewhere.

Join me on my journey - if not for anything but to troll my friend back.

Credits/P.S. the image is from a wonderful children's book "Zog" written by Mrs. Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Mr. Axel Scheffler